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Refurbished products are items that have been returned by buyers for various reasons, such as minor defects or simply because they were no longer wanted. But now comes the really interesting part: "refurbished" doesn't mean "used" at all. In fact, before putting them back up for sale, we inspect, test, and refurbish them. We give them a new lease on life and, of course, a much more affordable price.

The printers that go through our refurbishment process come from companies that are replacing or upgrading them. The initial conditions vary, but our team of technical experts performs thorough checks, replaces defective or worn-out parts, performs a comprehensive internal and external cleaning, and packages the products for sale.

We guarantee the perfect functionality of our products and restore their aesthetic appearance to ensure optimal conditions. For this reason, all products sold in our store are of grade A/A+.

Our product condition classification is based solely on the number of printed pages, providing useful information to assess the level of usage before refurbishment.

Our product condition classification is based solely on the number of printed pages, providing useful information to assess the level of usage before refurbishment.

  • Good: Between 100,000 and 50,000 printed pages for A4 size or between 50,000 and 25,000 for A3 size.
  • Great: Between 50,000 and 15,000 printed pages for A4 size or between 25,000 and 7,000 for A3 size.
  • Excellent: Fewer than 15,000 printed pages for A4 size or fewer than 7,000 for A3 size.

Regardless of the classification, all our products come with a 12-month Italian warranty.

Our warranty covers technical defects and issues related to components that can affect the correct functioning of the device.
However, it's important to note that it doesn't extend to accidental damage or compatibility and software update issues. We are here to ensure that your product works perfectly, but please be aware of these warranty limitations. If you have any questions or doubts, don't hesitate to contact us; we're happy to assist you!

Absolutely! We offer free shipping for our products in Italy and Europe.

Free shipping in Italy:

Delivery times vary: 24 hours for Northern Italy and 48 hours for Central-Southern Italy. For Sicily, Sardinia, islands, and remote areas, delivery may take an additional 24-48 hours.*

In case of exceptional delays, we will promptly notify you via email or phone call.

Upon request, we can arrange floor delivery service at an additional cost to be determined.

Free shipping in Europe:

Shipping within Europe is free and is carried out through express courier.

Shipping outside of Europe:

For information regarding shipping outside of Europe, please contact us directly.

Packaging Monitoring and Inspection:

Once the goods are shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with details to monitor the shipment directly from the courier's website. Upon delivery, please verify that the packaging is intact and undamaged. If the package is not perfectly intact, please accept it with reservation: on the courier's delivery note, clearly mark "received with reservation for damaged package." Immediately afterward, please contact us, and we will promptly resolve any issues. If the package is severely damaged, please refuse the shipment and request to note on the delivery note "goods refused due to damaged package." In such a case, we will send you a new product in perfect condition.

*Delivery times are estimated and may vary depending on the location.

Absolutely, once you've made the purchase, you have 14 days to test our product with no obligations. If, for any reason, it doesn't meet your expectations, you are free to take advantage of the return option.