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We have a problem...

Every year, 2 million printers are discarded.

During disposal, they release toxic chemicals into the environment. Afterward, they are buried and will remain in our land for over 400 years.

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The solution:

Buying refurbished technology
(only if you need it)

Reduces pollution

The production of a printer involves the emission of greenhouse gases and other pollutants into the atmosphere. By purchasing a refurbished printer, you significantly reduce the pollution associated with its production.

Preserves natural resources

The production of a printer consumes natural resources such as metals, plastic, and water. By buying a reconditioned printer, you avoid depleting these resources.

Reduces electronic waste

Every year, approximately 200,000 tons of electronic waste are discarded in Italy. By purchasing a refurbished printer, you prevent adding another one to this quantity.

Reduces pollution
Preserves natural resources
Reduces electronic waste

For the numbers lovers

Regenerating a printer allows you to save:

of CO2

of energy

of water sources

of mineral resources

Less production, less pollution.

Electronic devices play a significant role in CO2 emissions worldwide.

The majority of these emissions, between 85% and 95%, come from the production of these devices.

That's why, before buying your next device, we encourage you to also consider its refurbished version.

The art of regeneration

This is how we breathe new life into thousands of exceptional products.

Inspection and data cleaning

We thoroughly inspect the device for damaged components, and the software is restored to factory settings.

Repairs and restoration

We repair or replace all damaged components and restore the device's aesthetic appearance.

360-degree testing

Each device undergoes more than 30 technical tests to ensure the product's perfect functionality.

Ready for sale

Only at this point is the device finally ready for a new life and is listed for sale on marmalade.ink!

Helping the planet costs less than not doing it.

Buying a refurbished printer costs up to 70% less than new. We could stop here.
But wait, there's more! All our printers include a one-year warranty, free shipping, and support that makes Bezos... well, move aside.

We've told you everything. Now, it's your turn.

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